Dear Followers,

Sorry I haven’t been posting much these last couple weeks, I’ve been busy getting ready for the semester…aka playing all the video games I can and watching all the seasons of House before I get really busy.

But really the last couple weeks I have been prepping to teach this semester and getting used to taking classes again. 

On a better note, I just got a second job as a tutor and I am out on the island this weekend and will be gracing you with awesome footage of giant sea bass courting!


ps. You guys rule. keep supporting awesome science, scientists and their blogs.

Anonymous asked:

There is a documentary on Netflix that just came out called Mission Blue, it's about how this scientist and oceanographer is trying to save the ocean. Please watch it! It's amazing and will give you good perspective on the conditions of our ocean :)

Thanks for the suggestion! i’ve been meaning to check this out. Sylvia Earle played a huge, huge part in this and it’s suppose to be fantastic.


To those of you who don’t know what it is. Check out their site learn something new about ocean